About Us

The Eats of Eden team are a mix of health and fitness obsessed nuts who all share a common vision for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Our complementary skills can provide you with more than one approach if needs be. We have two nutritionists, a dietary councillor, a Reiki practitioner along with three fitness instructors, all keen to help you solve your problems and achieve optimum well-being. All the Eats staff are continuously learning and honing their craft. Collectively they have amassed an impressive array of certificates on a variety of health and fitness related topics and are eager to pass along the gems of information they have acquired to all of you guys!

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - Cillin


After an early career in bio-chemistry, Cillín trained as a nutritionist with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is much in demand in the shop not only by virtue of his enthusiasm about nutrition but also because of his genuine interest in helping people improve their state of health.

When away from work Cillín enjoys adventure sports such as hiking and mountain biking and takes spins on his motorbike. He teaches Kettlebells and Indian club swinging and has convinced a few work colleagues to join him.

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - Marie


Many moons ago, Marie’s career started managing a tiny little café in Limerick city centre. Even though she has had many different work experiences since, her career has always been, in some form, retail management. Her passion is for visual merchandising, which keeps the Eats team on their product presentation toes. She also teaches retail subjects for Limerick & Clare ETB. She, like Cillin, has an avid interest in the Kettlebell lifting and teaches a few classes a week.

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - Dorothy


Dorothy started working at Eats of Eden in 2001. She has taken advantage of any training that came her way and as a result has achieved a highly commendable level of knowledge and an impressive stack of certificates. Her job also includes mentoring new employees during their period of training. When she is not working at Eats of Eden or studying health topics, she enjoys reading, walking and travelling.

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - Teresa


Teresa comes from the beautiful Killaloe, Co. Clare. She has a passion for herbalism and flower remedies, along with nutrition, and is on the way to becoming a qualified Reiki therapist. She’s a busy mom so doesn’t get a whole load of spare time but when she does she likes to take long walks and binge on DVD box sets!

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - Nicole


Nicole moved from Detroit, Michigan to Ireland in 2014. She had been doing her own research into health and nutrition for several years before deciding to embark on a formal education with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. She received an ITEC Certification in Diet & Nutrition for complementary therapists and is a certified Health & Nutrition Coach. In her free time, Nicole enjoys quality time with her family, she also loves to bake healthy treats and walk her dog.

picture of Eats of Eden Staff - TJ


T.J is the latest addition to the team and heralds from Tipperary. He comes from a sporting background where he qualified as a Gym Instructor and Strength & Conditioning coach. While working with his clients, TJ recognised that a big piece of the jigsaw missing in a lot of his client’s performance stemmed from a lack of emphasis on proper nutrition and supplementation. He now is on the path to lean this knowledge and help people achieve optimum performance. TJ will soon become qualified National Coach. In his spare time he likes to put all his effort into family and make his way from A2 to an A1 Grade cyclist.

At Eats of Eden we are passionate about health. By health we mean feeling positively vibrant, full of well-being, not just being free of diseases and symptoms. Improving your vitality may be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself, and we want to help.

So how can we help you? We have four main strategies:

  1. Excellent nutrition is your starting point for building health and vitality, so we seek out high quality natural food products to give you lots of healthy options. We know that organically grown food is the best for people and for the environment, so we source as many as we can.
  2. So that you and your family can achieve optimum nutrition, we provide safe, reliable and effective nutritional supplements and solid information on how to use them to maximise your well-being. When you need assistance with health problems we can help you choose safe, effective traditional herbal, homoeopathic and other natural therapies.
  3. We like remedies that have solid science behind them, but we don’t turn up our noses at traditional use either because they have stood the test of time. If you are on a special diet we can lend a hand with alternative foods and information on how to use them.
  4. We provide you with the best value possible. This does not just mean the best prices for quality products. It also means expert advice on tap and much more…

Your health and well being are our highest priority. We respect your freedom to make up your own mind so we try to give you the best possible information every way we can: from our knowledgeable and experienced staff, recipes, leaflets and whatever else we can think of.
We hope our enthusiasm will rub off on you, because we want you to become the best you potentially can be and enjoy your life to the maximum.

We know it doesn’t seem fair. Some people can do all the wrong things and have almost no health problems. Others do everything right and they still struggle. Then there are the rest of us scratching our heads somewhere in the middle. But are we helpless to do anything about the raw material we got at birth?

We now know from scientific studies that our environment, what we eat and drink, how much sunlight we get, what we put on our skin, and even what we believe affects our DNA! Yes, your lunch talks to your genes, telling them to turn on or off. So you may have a genetic tendency to a certain health condition, but factors you can control, such as what you decide to eat, can determine whether you actually develop the problem. Even if you have already developed a health problem or condition, you can often lessen it or even eliminate it all together by getting your diet and lifestyle to have a chat with your genes.

Since 1983 we have witnessed our customers transforming their health and well-being by changing their diets, using supplements, herbal remedies and other approaches. We have seen with our own eyes that most people can improve their vitality by making some healthy changes. We have been privileged to assist our customers and their families in their quest to achieve optimum health with advice, encouragement and of course, safe, top-quality products.

picture of Eats of Eden on Cecil Street

Herbal remedies were few and far between and the choice in nutritional supplements was tiny. Most of the advice we gave was based on tradition rather than science. Now we know that much of this advice was and still is scientifically sound.

By reading, study and listening to customers, we became even more impressed by the power of diet, nutrition and natural remedies to make a positive difference to people’s health. By the time we moved to Spaight’s Shopping Centre on Henry Street, more people seemed to appreciate how healthy eating and lifestyle can improve their vitality and quality of life.

The variety and quality of herbal remedies, supplements and cosmetics had exploded. At a snail’s pace, science started to catch up with what we know from daily experience – natural approaches DO work.

By the time we moved to Thomas Street, lifestyle advice and health products had become regular features in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and internet. Many people started regarding us as their first stop for prevention and help for their health problems rather than being the last chance saloon after conventional measures had proved ineffective or worse than the original problem.

So many products and “magic cures” are being promoted nowadays that we now have to weed out the nine-day-wonders from the solid products with proven track records. That is where our trained and qualified staff come in to provide safe and sound advice as well as excellent products.

As in the beginning, we know that it all starts with what you eat, drink and breathe; what goes into your mouth and lungs becomes YOU. We mean to help you to translate that knowledge into action to help you to become the best, healthiest and the most vibrant you can be.