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Twelve minutes to improved fitness

If you find that the usual forms of exercise are too time-consuming or too inconvenient, you are on the right page.  There is a form of exercise that you can do almost anywhere without even changing your clothes. Most people can benefit from it, regardless of age or physical condition.  That would be Synergetics, which combines the benefits of five different types of exercise but with an added bonus:

  • It strengthens your muscles and builds lean body mass like lifting weights, but you don’t need any bulky, expensive or complicated equipment.
  • It stretches, balances and relaxes your body like yoga, but you don’t have to get down on the floor.
  • It improves agility like tai chi, but there are no complicated movements or long sequences to remember.
  • It is gently aerobic, but you don’t have to sweat, change your clothes, or leave home.
  • It is weight-bearing like walking, but it can be done indoors or out, so you don’t have to depend on the weather.
  • Like no other exercise program we know of, Synergetics also tones the muscles in your face for a more youthful appearance.
How do I get started?  DVDs (available at Eats of Eden) explain and demonstrate the movements in detail.  You don’t even need much space. A number of twelve minute sessions are also included to give you plenty of variety.  After a couple of weeks of practice, the movements on these DVDs come naturally. Nancy Flexman, a qualified Synergetics teacher, is also pleased to offer a free workshop-demonstration to interested groups and organisations.
Where did Synergetics come from? Synergetics was developed by Taylor Hay who had exercised enthusiastically (and often unwisely) all his life. By the age of 50 he had acquired numerous injuries from the very activities he thought were keeping him fit. He got to the point that he couldn’t do any of his usual exercises without pain.  As a result Taylor gained weight, looked old and felt tired.  To regain his fitness he developed Synergetics as a personal fitness routine. Taylor got such good personal results that he started teaching classes in his spare time. He learned from his students as well as from doctors, chiropractors and medical references, that Synergetics was unique in the world of exercise. People began telling him of the many benefits they had received by doing Synergetics. People of many ages and  physical conditions found Synergetics easy, effective and beneficial. As a result, he and his wife Joanna decided to spread the word further by writing a book. They subsequently made videos and DVD’s. Always trying to improve Synergetics, Taylor later developed the PocketGym®, a simple, portable hand link that allowed many new possibilities.
Who can benefit from Synergetics? Almost everybody!  For example,
  • If you have not exercised in a long time, you can start with low intensity and and increase it as you gain fitness.
  • Synergetics is perfect for weight management programs.  By doing one twelve minute session before breakfast and another before bedtime, you can boost your body’s metabolism while building lean tissue.  Doing three minutes of Synergetics any time may help you to manage your appetite.
  • Synergetics is ideal for people who travel a lot.  Most hotel rooms provide plenty of space for a Synergetics session.
  • For those who play golf, tennis or other sports, Synergetics is an ideal whole body warm up.
  • For those who are unsteady on their feet, Synergetics movements can be adapted to be done sitting on a stool or chair.
  • Anyone who wants to be fitter, more energetic and more relaxed can benefit from this easy-to-learn, convenient exercise system.
Finally you can see for yourself and get a taste on YouTube