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The importance of being Earthed

A picture of the Earthing BookMany health-conscious people consider that nutrition is THE most basic thing to get right when it comes to health and wellness.  But there is something that may be even MORE basic. So what has taken the top spot away from nutrition?  Electrons.   That’s right, electrons, as in free electrons, which are plentiful in the earth under our feet.  If you have ever felt revitalised after walking barefoot on the beach (or anywhere on the earth, for that matter) you have experienced it first hand: earthing, also known as grounding.

Our earth is like a massive battery, constantly being recharged by the sun, lightning and the heat from its core.  Throughout history, all living things on earth, including humans have drawn upon this energy.  We depend upon it to maintain order in our own electrical body systems—heart, brain, immune system and muscles are prime examples.  Even the movements of nutrients and water into and out of our cells depend on electricity. So, if you aren’t earthed you may not be getting the best from your food!

Humans used to walk, sit and sleep on the ground, being continuously recharged, so to speak.  Now we wear shoes, sleep on raised beds and walk on surfaces that insulate us from the earth.  We have lost our electrical “roots.”  The result?  We may be more vulnerable to problems, particularly inflammation and accelerated ageing.

Being barefoot on the earth, swimming in natural bodies of water and even touching trees with our bare skin are all free and pleasant ways to revitalise yourself by reconnecting with the earth’s electricity. We recommend doing all of these things as often as you can. But if you are like most of us, the most time you would be able to spend in skin-to-earth contact, weather permitting, might be an hour or so per day, maybe more on weekends. Compared to our ancestors, that isn’t much.

In addition, many of our modern conveniences such as all electrical appliances, mobile phones, etc., create  types of electromagnetic radiation which can unbalance our body’s electrical systems further. If you decided to test this by going around your house with a voltmeter, you could find, like many others, that the most electrically active place in your house is your bed Why? The wires in the walls adjacent to your bed, the bedside lamps and electrical appliances such as clock radios and cordless phones all contribute. No wonder so many people feel tired, even after a full night’s sleep.

Earthing yourself while you sleep is a very efficient and effortless way to neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation while giving you plenty of beneficial  earth electrons. You don’t have to give up your comfortable bed, either.  You can use a simple Personal Grounding Kit or Grounding Sheet to recharge yourself during sleep and relaxation.  Numerous people have already reported benefits such as reduced pain and inflammation (any condition ending in “itis”), improved sleep, faster recovery from exercise and reducing symptoms of heart and nervous system problems.

Earthing connects you to our planet’s ever-present balancing and healing energy.  It is a remarkably simple, safe and natural means to improve wellness and to reduce pain and stress.

To learn more and to read the fascinating story of earthing, ask at Eats of Eden about the book, Earthing:  the most important health discovery ever? A variety of earthing products are also available.

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? Clinton Ober and Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., Martin Zucker 2010