Our Values

What we know about health

We know it doesn’t seem fair. Some people can do all the wrong things and have almost no health problems. Others do everything right and they still struggle. Then there are the rest of us scratching our heads somewhere in the middle. But are we helpless to do anything about the raw material we got at birth?

We now know from scientific studies that our environment  what we eat and drink, how much sunlight we get, what we put on our skin, and even what we believe affects our DNA! Yes, your lunch talks to your genes, telling them to turn on or off. So you may have a genetic tendency to a certain health condition, but factors you can control, such as what you decide to eat, can determine whether you actually develop the problem. Even if you have already developed a health problem or condition, you can often lessen it or even eliminate it all together by getting your diet and lifestyle to have a chat with your genes.

Since 1983 we have witnessed our customers transforming their health and well-being by changing their diets, using supplements, herbal remedies and other approaches. We have seen with our own eyes that most people can improve their vitality by making some healthy changes. We have been privileged to assist our customers and their families in their quest to achieve optimum health with advice, encouragement and of course, safe, top-quality products.