Our History

Eats and Eden then and now

Things were a lot different back in 1983 when Eats of Eden opened on Cecil Street across from the Limerick Post Office. Being interested in your health was considered by many to be the province of hippies and cranks. It was a lot of work convincing people that “brown is beautiful.”—brown rice, brown bread and unprocessed foods were anything but mainstream!

Herbal remedies were few and far between and the choice in nutritional supplements was tiny. Most of the advice we gave was based on tradition rather than science. Now we know that much of this advice was and still is scientifically sound.

By reading, study and listening to customers, we became even more impressed by the power of diet, nutrition and natural remedies to make a positive difference to people’s health. By the time we moved to Spaight’s Shopping Centre on Henry Street, more people seemed to appreciate how healthy eating and lifestyle can improve their vitality and quality of life.

The variety and quality of herbal remedies, supplements and cosmetics had exploded. At a snail’s pace, science started to catch up with what we know from daily experience – natural approaches DO work.

By the time we moved to Thomas Street , lifestyle advice and health products had become regular features in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and internet. Many people started regarding us as their first stop for prevention and help for their health problems rather than being the last chance saloon after conventional measures had proved ineffective or worse than the original problem.

So many products and “magic cures” are being promoted nowadays that we now have to weed out the nine-day-wonders from the solid products with proven track records. That is where our trained and qualified staff come in to provide safe and sound advice as well as excellent products.

As in the beginning, we know that it all starts with what you eat, drink and breathe; what goes into your mouth and lungs becomes YOU. We mean to help you to translate that knowledge into action to help you to become the best, healthiest and the most vibrant you can be.